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Q:  Why should I hire a long arm quilter?
A:  You have unfinished tops, maybe even a whole pile of them.  Quilting them on a domestic machine is hard work. Save the stress and get your quilt finished quickly and professionally.

Q:  How do I know if my quilt is "good enough" to send to a long arm quilter?
A:  All quilts are good enough!  Even your very first one.

Q:  I don't live near you.  Can you still work on my quilt?
A:  Absolutely!  I understand that it can be scary to send out something so special and am honored to earn your trust.  

Q:  I'm meeting you to give you my quilt. Do I have to fill out the order form?
A:  Yes, please!  

Q:  How long does it take?
A:  My current wait time is under two weeks. I try to get tops quilted and ready to return within a few days of receiving them.  I will keep you informed of your quilt's progress as I work.

Q:  Do you only work on certain styles of quilt?
A:  I appreciate and am happy to work on any style of quilt.  

Q:  Why should I choose you to work on my quilt?
A:  I am a quilter too.  I understand the time, effort, and cost it takes to make a quilt.  I have been honing my skills for over 20 years and keep up-to-date with the latest methods.  I offer attention to detail, great communication and customer service, computerized precision for edge-to-edge designs, and convenient online ordering.

Q:  How much will it cost?
A:  It depends on the size of your quilt and what type of quilting you desire.  Edge-to-edge designs start at just $.02/square inch with a $45 minimum.  Sign up for my newsletter to stay informed about any promotions, and follow me on Facebook and Instagram to stay in-the-know.

Q:  Can I pay you with a credit card?
A:  Yes, I will invoice you via PayPal.

Q:  What about batting?
A:  I currently stock Pellon cotton batting and Quilter's Dream Blend.  I can special order any product in the Quilter's Dream lineup.  You may provide your own as long as it is suitable for my machine--just ask.

Q:  How big can my top be?
A:  One side should be 110" or less.  If it's bigger, ask me ahead of time to make sure I can fit it on my frame.

Q:  How big does my backing have to be?
A:  It needs to be 6-8" wider than your top and 12-16" longer than your top.

Q:  Will you make my backing for me?
A:  Yes, for only $5/seam.

Q:  I don't know how much backing fabric to buy.  Can you help me?
A:  Absolutely!  I'm happy to help. Just send me a message via my contact form.

Q:  Will you bind my quilt?
A:  Yes!  I offer several options for binding with pricing ranging from $.10-$.25/linear 

Q:  I have other questions.  Can you help?
A:  Ask me anything.  I'll do my best.